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So You Want to be a Freelancer?Published: February 27, 2014

The Freelancer: Independent bliss or a lifetime of tough slog?

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Mobile Learning for the Surf IndustryPublished: February 26, 2014

Online courses, experience, contacts and networking are all fundamental when shaping yourself up to be the best candidate for the job. Let us explain why.

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Daniel Flynn - The Surfboard AgencyPublished: February 26, 2014

Daniel Flynn is a co-owner/ partner of The Surfboard Agency who manufacture and distribute boards by iconic shapers such as Simon Anderson, Emery, McCoy, Chilli, Webber, LSD, Vampirate and Aloha.

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Ozzie Hoppe - PhotographerPublished: February 25, 2014

Originally from New York City, Ozzie Hoppe is a globetrotting photographer and surfer.

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Ismael Herreros - Surf Instructor Published: February 24, 2014

Patagonia and the Andes aside, when it comes to natural wonders, Chile also boasts some of the most pristine and consistent surf breaks, including Punta de Lobos in the O'Higgins Region of Pichilemu. We caught up with one of the locals to find out wh

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Claudia Hirschberger - Venus Goes GidgetPublished: February 21, 2014

Claudia Hirschberger is an Austrian born surfer, coach and the founder of Venus Goes Gidget; a surf coaching initiative for women.

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Finding the Right Company for YouPublished: February 17, 2014

Believing in a company, their values, their product or service, is not the same as simply liking your job. Here are 5 ways to find the right company for you.

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Mark Chu - Action Sports Lifestyle GroupPublished: February 14, 2014

Mark Chu is the founder of Action Sports Lifestyle Group; a premium collective of surf publishers represented to non-endemic brand clients. He also does some work with a number of organisations such as Surfline, The Inertia & Christian Surfers.

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5 Ways to Approach Working in the Surf IndustryPublished: February 13, 2014

Just because it relates to an easy-going lifestyle, doesn’t mean your approach to working in the surf industry should be.

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Todd Quigley - QCD BodyboardsPublished: February 11, 2014

Todd Quigley is the founder and shaper for QCD bodyboards. Todd tells us about how he got into shaping and gives us a rundown of his new SKINTEC model.

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