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Lisbon, Lisbon, PRT
500 - 1,500 EUR
Per Month

Surf PhotographerLast Modified: January 22, 2014

I'm photographing professionally for an year. My style is about surf landscapes photography. I'd like to work for an international surfer magazine from here in Portugal or by travelling all around world working for the magazine.

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Porto, Portugal, PRT
1,500 - 2,000 EUR
Per Month

Brand/Sales ManagerLast Modified: January 22, 2014

Brand Manager/ Sales Manager / Product Development Manager at Pr Texteis S.A. and CMD, S.A. - Sports Brand Marketing from 2010 to 2013.I ran the commercial and brand communication, customer payments, internationals distributers, manage the catalog and team managing, event attendance etc. of Ondawetsuits division both in CMD-Comercialização de Marcas Desportivas and Pr Texteis, S.A. ( and ). I headed all the marketing from websites to social networks both in

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Entroncamento, Santarém, PRT
1,000 - 10 EUR
Per Month

Quality Management/SecurityLast Modified: May 22, 2013

600 hours training in the workplace, unpaid Average Tejo hospital at center, EPE, supply - Hospital de Torres Novas

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Marvão, Portalegre, PRT
25 - 100 EUR
Per Week

Landscape design and Public places projects.Last Modified: April 10, 2013

Planning and installation of gardens and irrigation systems (as well as maintenance)as an independent entrepreneur. Assessment and classification of open-air places, including time planning of flowering periods. Construction and assembly of equipment for the connection between green spaces and housing in order to achieve an integration of different elements. Landscaping projects and visual communication. Psychosocial integration, involving in particular the spirit of cooperation of people ......

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Pages: ‹ First  < 3 4 5 44 Resumes in Portugal

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