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I'm a 23 year old Marine Engineering, working in the Strategy Consulting field. Despite of leaving in Sao Paulo, the only reason for that is for studying in the best engineering school in Brazil, the University of Sao Paulo.
Although I'm graduating as an engineer, I've aways wanted to work in the surf/tourism/marketing related industry, and I trully believe I have the abilities for that.
I love surfing and the Ocean itself, and I just need an opportunity to prove myself!

Employment Preferences

1,500 To: 5,000 USD Per Month
Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Full Time, Contract, Commission
Accounting, Admin & Office Support, Education & Training, Engineering, Environment & Conservation, Film/Video Production, Finance, Graduate/Entry Level, Hospitality & Tourism, Human Resources, Management, Manufacturing, Transport & Log, Marketing, Merchandising, Operations, Product Development, Production, Public Relations, Purchasing, Retail, Sales, Science & Technology
Australia, United States, Indonesia, Chile, Costa Rica, Fiji, French Polynesia, New Zealand, South Africa, United States Minor Outlying Islands

Surfing Experience


Work History

Job Title Company When?
Logistics Consultant Pöyry From March 2014 To Current
After a short experience of working on the e-commerce sector, I have received a proposal to work as a Logistics Consultant for the global engineering company Pöyry.
In my position, the activities involved are related to projects' logistics feasibility, developing analysis and strategies studies evaluating such as ports and fleet capacity, layout optimization, transport flows, etc.
Marketing Coordinator Rocket Internet Holding From January 2014 To March 2014
After experiencing working as a consultant, I have worked as Marketing Coordinator for Rocket Internet's venture ClickBus, which acts as a bus ticket online seller in a global level.
During the experience, I have coordinated the marketing team in two online channels, Social Media and Google Remarketing.
The activities involved leading the global team on developing those new channels for the company, studying the market perspectives and creating strategies for revenue generation and marketing campaigns.
Business Analyst Intern Verax Consultoria From October 2012 To January 2014
Internship program involving the performance on strategic consulting teams, developing projects for different fields of the business market, focusing in the port and logistics sector.
The program involved the participation on projects in various sectors, such as cabotage, bulk terminals, container terminals, shipyard’s operations, dry ports, cargo’s customs clearance, offshore support bases.
The projects consisted in strategic issues, some as valuation, pricing, market sizing, industry analysis, market research, and general mathematical analysis to support the client on their problem solving.
Junior Consultant Belge Engenharia e Sistemas From March 2012 To October 2012
Development of consulting studies for simulation and optimization projects, based on the expertise on discrete event simulation softwares and other computational tools.
•Direct participation in simulation projects ;
•Close and direct contact with the client ;
•Regular meetings with the client, in an iterative process for the generation of the most detailed simulation models, aways aiming refined outputs ;
•Development of projects for companies of the port, offshore and manufacturing fields ;
•Dynamic analyses of the processes of the described project.
•As a secondary field of work , demand forecast studies using the software ForecastPro.
Lift Operator Red River Ski Area From December 2011 To March 2012
As part of a vacation exchange program, worked as a Lift Operator at the Red River Ski Area for three months, helping and dealing with the skiers at the loading area of the lifts.


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
Graduation Naval and Marine Engineering Universidade de Sao Paulo From 2009 To 2013

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