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I am currently studying my 2nd Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington. I am highly experienced on Design software (Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator) and 3D modeling such as Revit. My passion is surfing and i am eager to apply my knowledge to the industry in my time between study,

Employment Preferences

60 To: 200 NZD Per Week
Wellington City, Wellington, New Zealand

Surfing Experience


Work History

Job Title Company When?
Tourism guide The Kai Waho Experience From January 2013 To March 2013
Took guided tours through the bush between Taupo and Napier as well as labour working cutting tracks and transporting passengers and goods to and from the operation.
Bar Manager Masonic Tavern From October 2011 To January 2013
Fully Licensed Bar manager
Labourer Landscaping From November 2012 To December 2012
One off landscaping jobs.
Hammer Hardware Retail clerk Hammer Hardware From January 2010 To December 2011
Behind counter sales


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
Bachelor of Architecture Architecture Victoria University of Welling From 2012 To 2013

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