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My experience of the last 14 years is as entrepreneur at different areas: Photography, Fine-Art and World Trade. In this time I developed relationship and partnership between China and American continent.
All this years shows me how to break paradigms and reach goals in each project I was working on.
I am a big fan of The Tour, that’s why I’m contacting you, because I can help you to create new opportunities to keep growing the sport through my experience as photographer and entrepreneur.

Employment Preferences

5,000 To: 7,000 USD Per Month
Miami, FL, United States
Full Time
United States, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain

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Work History

Job Title Company When?
Director Binging Group LTD From April 2013 To Current
Binging Group LTD is focused in trade products from Asia to the rest of the world, most of the business that we close is in the textile industry to Venezuela, Mexico and USA, making high quality home products, also we trade Machineries and packing supplies. Our mission is trade any product that represent an opportunity for our clients and ourself, finding factories and making qualities controls to guarantee to offer the best products.
Artist Daniel Adrian From January 2005 To Current
As an artist my artwork begins the moment I try to create movement from the photography. It is in this search where I start the intervention of the image in three dimensional way. Using repetition, contrast, space and time I can express movement thru the unique perception of the viewer. The experience is the way to appreciate this movement, is in this moment when everything happens.
In this sense I produce my pieces in Miami and Panama and work with galleries in this countries to sell it all over the world.
Photographer Self Employe From January 1997 To Current
As a Photographer I began to be interested in photography in 1994 when I was 15 years old. Since that moment I have developed this artistic talent in many areas of this expression like action sport, documentary, product, fashion, lifestyle, corporative, fine arts and many more. Taking pictures for Magazines, Brands, Construction and Oil Companies always as a freelance. After research and learn in all this performances my way of looking for good pictures is focused in get the right moment form the right angle in the action of the sport.
High level in Photoshop and Illustrator
Director Aike Group Co From October 2008 To Current
This Company is the owner of PARAPARA Brand, which is focused in produce and distribute home and design products in Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico and USA (South Florida). Producing in China, this Company is the sister of Binging Group LTD.
Marketing Director Glasgow Distributor Co. From February 2007 To June 2009
In a Company that distribute Liquor in Venezuela, My job was focused in create Marketing strategies for liquor Brands from many countries to be sell it in Venezuelan Market, having more than 25 employees under my command.
Brand Manager Premium Brands Co. From February 2004 To November 2006
As a Brand Manger of Liquor Company, my focus was in create and negotiate with our suppliers deals and strategies to sell wines from Chile, Argentina and Spain in Venezuela.


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
Degree Business & Administration UNIMET From 1997 To 2003

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