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Summary of Experience

Pro Scheme Australian Mentor Coach Strength and Conditioning Association.
Coach (80s) World Pro-Am Champion Merrick Davis
Strength and conditioning Programming Layne Beachley (pre 4th World Title).
Olympic Beach Volleyball Liane Fenwick S&C.
Elite Athletes.
Australian Pro-Am Judge. (11 yrs).
(Kirra) Senior Men's Champion.
K.S,C.Coach, Q.B.C. Coach
Rep England and UK; Competitor, Manager, Team Captain, Judge.
Various contest results, sponsored.
Tiki Team Manager
Road Manager Ian Moss Guitarist

Employment Preferences

50 To: 200,000 USD Per Hour
Freshwater, NSW, Australia
Education & Training
United States

Surfing Experience


Work History

Job Title Company When?
Management Various From January 1973 To Current
Various jobs, Gym Management, Business owner, Retail Surf Store manager (Aloha). Sponsored team manager.


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
ASCA Pro Scheme Strength and Conditioning ASCA From 2016 To 2017

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