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Working at supre as a senior casual I would have to open and manage the store with no 2IC or store manager. I work with other casuals I make sure that our daily planner is filled out and everyone has there zones and know what the days goal is.

Employment Preferences

500 To: 1,600 AUD Per Fortnight
Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Full Time

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Work History

Job Title Company When?
Senior casual Supre From November 2014 To February 2017
Been working at Supre as a casual for over two years. I worked att the register serving customers and I also open and close the store. When stock gets delivered I unpack it and hang to go on the shop floor. I’m very flexible with the hours I worked, sometimes starting at 7am or closing up at 10pm., I recently resigned this year as I felt bullied and no longer loved what I was doing, my career at supre wasn't moving forward for me.
Sales team member Rush marketing From June 2014 To November 2014
June 2014 I started work at RUSH marketing with my partner but I found the job was having a massive impact on our relationship and not in a good way, but it was lacking a bit of enjoyment and excitement for me. The skills and experiences I took from this was to not be afraid of meeting new people, making new friends isn’t as hard as it seems and most of all was to just be you. I worked there for 2 months and found that getting people to sign up for charity wasn't for me.
Part time team member Coles From September 2010 To May 2013
I was a dedicated bakery and service employee for Coles for 3 years, my job started in the bakery which involved baking the fresh bread for the morning also working after school to clean and tray up everything for the next bake.
I worked on service throughout the years and gained a lot of skills on how to talk to people and to be able to just have a conversation with someone.


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
Year 12 certificate Personal training Carrum downs secondary college From 2008 To 2013

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