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We are seeking a detail-oriented, enthusiastic and determined Business Analyst. In this role you will build and maintain the data analytic tools that our company management and executives rely on to make critical business decisions. You will work closely with the FP&A team, senior management and executives to understand business problems and use analytics and technology to provide solutions. In addition to these core responsibilities, you will also manage and execute analytical projects from start to finish including data gathering and manipulation, synthesis and modeling, problem solving, and communication of insights and recommendations to senior management.

A successful candidate will be highly analytical, an expert with SQL and excel, seek opportunities to inject advanced analytical techniques, resourceful, customer focused, team oriented, and have an ability to work independently under time constraints to meet deadlines.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:  

  • Utilize excel, SQL, DOMO to understand business problems and build reporting and dashboards to solve problems in timely fashion.
  • Responsible for managing the day to day functionality and improvement of DOMO software
  • Ensure all connections to DOMO (Full Circle, Google docs, other API connections) remain active and functioning
  • Transition existing DOMO cards from legacy data set to new high functioning data, ensure all cards are functioning accurately, validate the data thru the use of sequel or full circle reporting
  • Work with CFO and FP&A manager to create new ad hoc cards upon request, work with all department leads to create new data flows based on business needs.
  • Partner with IT to build SQL database and related reporting and queries.

Technical Requirement of Position

  • Data Creation
    • Create new datasets using pre-built connectors. Each connector follows a 4 step process of setting credentials, defining object details, scheduling a refresh rate and naming the new dataset, however, the credential and object details steps are unique for most connectors and it’s important to have exploratory skills when setting up a new connector for the first time.
    • Help managers and executives find the right data. After you’ve successfully connected to a third party API the next step is finding the exact data people are accustom to viewing from their old reporting tools.
    • Create new datasets using Workbench. Most data connection needs will be handled through the alpha and beta connectors on the pre-built connector page. For data that doesn’t fit inside the pre-built connector framework you can use Workbench.
  • Magic Creation
    • Design dataflows for managers and executives. The most common purposes for dataflows include combining datasets for correlational analysis, transforming the data to fit into a specific chart type and filtering the data before it’s given to a specific audience.
    • Use dataflow to cast fields that uploaded with the wrong schema.
    • Design Magic ETL that serves the same purpose as dataflow but is easier for less technical users to change or troubleshoot in the future.
  • Card Creation
    • Create cards to meet business-reporting needs. Confidence using 80+ chart types available in Domo.
    • Use chart properties to polish the number formatting, data labels, hover text, category scales, grid lines, and colors that appear on different chart types.
    • Use beast mode to create calculated fields and maneuver around filtering limitations. Common beast mode queries include case statements and aggregate functions.


  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting or related field required
  • 2-4 years prior experience
  • Experience with SQL and the following queries
    • Joins 
    • Clauses
    • Aggregate Functions
    • Alter Tables
    • Add Indexing
    • Case Statements
  • Proficient using Excel pivot tables and functions
  • Experience recognizing business problems and developing solutions
  • Experience working with large data sets
  • Understanding of the strategic vision of the company
  • Ability to effectively interface with cross-functional teams
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to quickly learn new product functionality
  • Aptitude for numbers and attention to detail

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