Barefoot Surf Travel

Barefoot is a surf travel agency that organises unforgetable trips to Nicaragua, Ecuador and Bali. Encouraging beginner & intermediate surfers, they offer a wide range of destinations to explore and experience.

Their trips are offered in collaboration with warm and welcoming local surf guides, making your trip authentic and culturally rich. Their culture is all about simplifying the surf journey without cutting on the adventure and the cultural experience that comes with it.

Surf camps include incredible accommodation near the attractions of each destination. Packages also include high quality surf classes, transportation, surf equipment, professional surf guides and some meals.

Their surf trips are offered during the optimal times of the year for sunshine and waves for Nicaragua, Bali and Ecuador. High quality surf lessons, photo and video analysis & theory classes will help you surf properly, faster than you could imagine!

Travel and ride some of the best waves you ever have surfed during the surf journey of a lifetime! 

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