2015 Shapers Salary Survey Results


The result for SurfCareers.com 2015 Shapers Salary Survey is now complete!


The 2015 Shapers Salary Survey, which is the first of its kind, is compiled from shapers of different surf crafts all over the world, in different positions, age groups and of course salaries. As Derek Rielly perfectly describes it in the survey’s foreword “You just have to enter their filthy lairs, dirty with the white soot of foam, and hear ‘em purr about their latest design to comprehend their ultra-importance to your own game”. So step in to their world, get some insight into who they are, where they are, what they earn and how much they work! 

Download the 2015 Shapers Salary Survey results here.


2016 Shapers Salary Survey


SurfCareers.com is also calling out to all shapers to participate in the new 2016 Shapers Salary Survey.

As an incentive after completing the survey, the shapers can enter the draw to win a 12 month Up-And-Comer plan valued at $228 USD with AKU Shaper Surfboard Design Software or a 6 month plan valued at $330 USD with Shaperbuddy Surfboard Industry Management Software.

Enter the 2016 Shapers Salary Survey here


Posted by: Christina Niemi, on December 17, 2015
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