Andy Findlay - Wild Things Gallery

When did you first start surfing?
I started surfing when i was about 6, my old man said as soon as I could swim the length of a 50m Olympic pool without stopping he would shape a board. He shaped me a 4'9 pin tail single fin.
What is it that you love about surfing?
What's not to love, the places you go, people you get to do it with, the unpredictability of waves and the water, the feeling of doing something you may not have ever done before...list goes on. 

Do you have a session that stands out as  your most memorable?
A couple of years ago Jed Cooney and I surfed Depth Charges, that right in the Tallows, only 2 of us out 4-6 foot and the longest barrels I think I have ever had. We couldn't stop laughing the whole session.

Can you tell us a little bit about Wild Things? How did you guys get started, and what kind of things go down behind the walls?
I had been distributing Gato Heroi for years on the side of my role as Brand Director for Analog and Gravis in Australia. I had the this concept for years bouncing around in my head and my now-business partner Jessamyn Jean and I manipulated the idea a little into what has become Wild Things. We wanted a place we could make Gato and have a showroom, but also help showcase the talents of friends and new designers, musicians or artists. To be honest the business is still constantly evolving, there is still more we will do but for now we house designers Celeste Tesoriero and Leaha Lockley, Hair stylist Bree Anna Avalon and Photographer Sarah Christensen. Under the Wild Things name we have released our own collection of limited hand dyed and screened tee's, a range of fingerless gloves, our own unique trunks, a line of twin fin fish, and our own range of canvas tents. We have also just picked up the OZ/NZ distribution for Captain Fin Co.  

What is the philosophy behind what you guys are doing at the space?
We only make what we believe in, we produce only to our demand, we focus on each item being unique and we only buy and produce what we can pay for up front. Small-run, functional, simple high-quality enduring designs.  

What is it that you love about your job?
I work with friends, I get to surf alot, we have some much going on it's always interesting and exciting. I never wake up thinking I don't want to go to work today. 

How do you go about determining what gear you stock?
Would we wear it use it or buy it.    

What has the response been like from the local surf/art/music communities?
We couldn't have asked for more support, from everyone in the community, not just those involved in surf / art / music ...

What is the next step for Wild Things?
We have a few different ideas on the go, its the great thing about being small and not having to cover huge over heads, we can come with a concept one day and act on it the next.   

Do you have any upcoming events that you want to plug?
Next event at the space is Babe Rainbow and Tomorrows Tulips on the 27th of September, then in October we leave for our Gato Heroi east coast demo tour finishing up at the Byron Surf Festival. 

Where can we find you online? 


Posted by: Matthew Ryan, on August 21, 2014
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