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When and where did you first start surfing?
I first started surfing when I was seven years old in 1984 in Salvador, Bahia located in the Northwest part of Brazil where I spent part of my childhood.

What is it that you love about surfing and the ocean?
It's dificult to say the one thing I love the most about surfing and the ocean. There are many different sensations that I feel with each wave I surf, and my relationship with the ocean is renewed each day. For me, surfing is like being in Neverland. It's a place where we're always kids.

Do you have a favourite session and/ or favourite break?
I've had so many favourite sessions and have so many favourite breaks that it would be really hard to pinpoint one. However, there was this day in Ribeira D'Ilhas in Portugal that I can say was a perfect day: sun was out, not too hot with offshore 6' waves to the left. I had my twin fin fish 5'6" and a group of friends surfing with me. It was so amazing. We surfed five hours straight. 

When did you first get into shaping?
My shaping career started in November of 2002 in Rio de Janeiro. A good friend, Carl Studnitz taught me the art of shaping.

What kind of things influence your shapes?
Art, style, and performance are the main things that influence my shapes. It doesn't matter if you make a beautiful and stylish board if it doesn't provide good performance. I am very detail oriented and particular with the final product.

You make some pretty unique surf craft, do you have a favourite board that you have shaped?
I shape boards for different purposes. Each board delivers a different performance according to the wave. I adapt my surfing to the board I'm riding at the time. Each offer a different sensation.

Can you remember the first board you made? if so, tell us a little bit about it?
Oh yes! I remember as if it was yesterday. It was a very special moment in my life. I remember being a bit nervous because I am such a perfectionist. I didn't want to make a mistake. It took me about five days to finish it. The final product was better than I expected. 

What is it that you love about your job?
Making boards is directly connected to providing joy to people. It's also a way of expressing myself through art.

Do you have any advice for any budding shapers out there looking to create something unique but practical?
Search for what inspires you and follow the surfboard's evolution. You need to learn about the hydrodynamics of each style.

Ideally, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Continuing to develop my craft with my brand, surfing the waves of the world and living a tranquil life with my family and my dogs.

Where can we find you online?



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Posted by: Matthew Ryan, on January 6, 2015
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