Manuel P Moura - SurfinPortugal

When did you get your first surfboard?
My parents gave me my first boogie board when I was 10. Then on my 13th my older brother gave me a short board so I could learn how to surf. But since my boogie board I was used to standing up! So it was just a while to start surfing!

What do you love about surfing?
I’m really passionate about the beach and the ocean as time passes by I have more respect for the whole thing. It is something one cannot describe exactly but there is some kind of connection between me and the elements while I’m at the beach. And there is also the challenge part. Surfing is a very difficult sport to master so I’m usually between total frustration and total excitement. But it always pays off specially when the waves are great!

What is your favourite surf spot?
Since I was really young I've surfed 90% of the time at Guincho. It's a beach break near Lisbon that is known for Windsurfing but it’s my home spot and is one of those places where you can still be surfing alone for 2h in the morning! Nevertheless Portugal has 200km of pure surf coast line and there is also some other surf spots where I really like to surf.

What is your go to board?
I’m surfing with a 5,10’ from a local shaper that knows me and my surf. I have 2 boards exactly alike. Those are my allround boards! Then I have other boards just for fun, specially retro ones.

What sort of education have you had?
I have a degree in Management with a Post-graduation in Private Public Partnerships.

What was your very first job?
I was brand manager at Nestle.

What is your current job and what does it entail?
My main job role is has a consultant in the transportation sector. I’m Managing Partner at a small consulting firm in Portugal and do advisory for Public Transport Concessions processes. We usually are on the private side (Transport Operators) but occasionally we have projects with the government.

Apart from that activity I run some family business that ranges from Real State to Agriculture where I manage an Olive tree plantation.

And the most important project of all is my baby SurfinPortugal!!! A very dear project that I launched together with a friend on 2012. A fleet of 6 original VW campervans ready to go explore the Portuguese coastline! It is a small company “baby stepping” but with a very attractive concept. SurfinPortugal is the result of more than 20 years of passionate life around the ocean and nature and understanding that Portugal is one of the coolest places to travel around!

So I have a pretty busy life and my big challenge is to manage everything, specially my family that is the stepping stone for everything.

How did you get into the position you are today?
I really don’t know how to answer that question. One can say, and it sounds always amazing! That is due to hard work… or that is due to determination and clear vision… and I would say that is a bit of everything and in my case I had a good starting point.

One thing I can say because I truly believe it: staying focus on what you want helps a lot.

What do you like most about your job?
Because I have many jobs … I really like the fulfilment of accomplish things. SurfinPortugal is a huge challenge because it is not easy at all to get running 6 old ladies. We build them from “zero” to get a really unique vehicle with everything for a perfect vintage surf trip. So it is a daily effort to put everything together!

Getting on the street and seeing one of our vans running with happy costumers is my main goal!

What are your tips for loving your job?
Do something you are passionate about it or build it!

Where can we find you online?



Posted by: Troy Roennfeldt, on June 18, 2015
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