Ocean Cleaner’zh

Ocean Cleaner’zh is the adventure around the world of 3 French nature and ocean lovers: Jordan, Clement and Aurelien, eager to act for the ocean and environmental conservation.

Constantly looking for new challenges, this project is the consecration of their desires to meet and protect the environment through traveling. It is the result of several months of thinking, discussions and organization to build a true project. 

How will you inform and mobilize people to be agents of change? 

Our journey will be focused on the following:

- MEET: The agents of change (associations, locals, companies, scientists, councils, etc.) to collect their testimonies about the local environmental issues and their solutions.

- SHARE: The information and ideas collected along the way in order to create awareness among people and more specifically young people, who are the first concerned with the construction of the world of tomorrow and the conservation of our resources.

ACT: With concrete actions such as collecting waste on beaches, raising awareness in schools on water management and eco-friendly habits and collecting scientific data. 

What are the objectives of the project?

More than just collecting waste on beaches, it is the action of raising awareness that is important in our approach. We want to bring people and organizations to question their daily environmental impact and act in a more eco- friendly way. With our project, we wish to show that it is possible to act simply in order to change our habits: change the way we consume, adopt eco-friendly actions and be part of associations for the conservation of our environment & oceans. 

We aim to lead 45 beach clean ups during our journey, raise awareness among 3000 young people in schools, collaborate on a scientific project, meet 60 agents of change and over all, give a positive message. 

How does the trip look like?

The unknown, spontaneity and exploration are for us essential elements of travels. We think the people we will meet all along our adventure will guide us. For these reasons, we have decided to define an itinerary without dates. We want to surprise and write our journey one day at a time.

Our project started a couple of days ago, on September 25th, and will stretch along the coastline of Australia for about 6 months. We will then continue our adventure in Asia (Indonesia) before ending up in South America (Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina) with new challenges and meetings. 

How are you going to move around?

Transportation will be the main carbon expenditure of our journey. Thus, we will limit it (by reducing the number of flights we will take but also by adopting the slow-travel philosophy) and compensate it with concrete actions.

Our choice of vehicles in Australia is a 4WD, which is not the most ecological way of traveling, but it will allow us to measure plastic on remote beaches and to carry them during collecting missions. In Asia and South America, we will reduce our impact using public transportation and hitch hiking. 

Total carbon emissions: 26,000 kg of CO2 (Source OACI and Société Carbon Footprint) 

4,200 trees to be planted in Australia

Coral to be planted in Indonesia 

By doing these 2 missions, we will obtain a Positive carbon footprint!

How can people get involved?

Everybody can be a big part of this project in many different ways: you know a teacher, you have a place in front of your house to park our car, you want to organize a beach cleaning with us, offer a shower, share a coffee...

You can also support the project via direct financial support on our crowdfunding platform

Providing material or your skills would be appreciated too! 

 Where can we find you online?

Website www.oceancleanerzh.fr
Facebook facebook.com/OceanCleanerzh/


Posted by: Marta Gallardo, on September 26, 2016
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