Sarah Glover - Bondi Bikkies

When and where did you start surfing?
I started when I was 14, in Tasmania, where I grew up. My older brother took me under his wing and helped me get going.

What is it that you love about surfing and the ocean?
It's the one place where I don’t have a phone and I can chill out and forget about everything and just have fun.

Do you have a session that stands out as your most memorable?
That's a hard one. But probably my most memorable was when I was 19 and spent the whole day surfing Noosa point, I had $5 in my leash and the sun was blazing down. I surfed for 9 hours, it was about 3-4 ft and off shore summer peelers were running through. I got out half way then ran in, ate an ice cream and then ran back out and just surfed my little heart out! I think that's when I fell in love with warm water too.

What kind of education have you had?
I was home schooled until year 10 and then at age 16 i did my cert 2 in commercial cookery. After that I went and worked in the industry on and off. I went to uni for a year and started a degree in Health Science but that wasn't for me.
I have done heaps of short courses. When I become interested in things I just enrol in a adult ed course but other than that, life in the workforce is the most valuable education I have had.

I read that you did a stint Visual Merchandising for Quiksilver. How did that come about?
I moved to QLD after doing a year at Uni and wanted a change so I started out managing a Roxy store in Bondi Junction. I had a natural flair for styling and managing so they put me in charge of NSW Quicksilver stores. It was heaps of fun but a lot of hard work.

When did your passion for baking start?
I always loved to bake sweet treats, but when I met a surf boy in Tas at age 16 I started to really love the idea of baking for others hehe.

Can you tell us a little bit about Bondi Bikkies and the philosophy behind it?
Bondi Bikkies is my story. It's about someone with a gift to offer the world. The thing is, no one is me and no one can offer what I have inside of me, so my philosophy is to not compare myself to other brands but to keep pure in what I have to offer. Striving for excellence allows us to make mistakes but it gives us the opportunity to do our best. Fresh is best, and I wouldn’t sell anything I wouldn't be excited to eat.

What kind of products do you make?
Mostly bikkies, but I love making fresh healthy every day things that people can eat and love. I also do granola, raw balls and a vegan slice that taste like a lamington.

What has the response been like from the community and your customers?
They have been so supportive. I can’t believe how important community is. They really are the back bone of the business.

You have a few stockists in NYC, are there any plans for further international expansion?
I would love to open a store one day in NYC. England is also on the cards very soon.

Who/ what have been your main influences in life?
I love Jamie Oliver for his pure enthusiasm and 'go get em' attitude. I’m also addicted to reading biographies. I just love stories of people who have done great things with their lives. Mostly because I can relate to the trials, tests and kind of things that have to be overcome in order to achieve goals and see your vision come to life.

What can we expect to see from Bondi Bikkies over the next 12 months?
Goodness.. well I’m planing on going interstate more, so look out Melbs & Tasmania I’m coming! Other than that.. just the world.. hehe

Where can we find you online? 


Posted by: Matthew Ryan, on November 30, 2014
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