The Best of 2014 - Our Most Popular Blog Posts

Happy 2015! We thought we'd start the new year by looking back at the most popular interviews and articles that have appeared on the SurfCareers blog throughout 2014. These are the top 10 blog posts based on number of pageviews each garnered. Enjoy!"Test quotation"

1. What Surf Career Should You Actually Have? 
Take this quick quiz to find out what area of the surf industry you should be working in

 2. Surfing - A Growing Industry
So you want to work in the surf industry. You’re mad about surfing, can’t get enough of it and you’re probably thinking it would be a great idea to get a job where you can immerse yourself in your passion. Love what you do and do what you love is what they say. You’d even be prepared to take a lower paid job to live the dream. But how many jobs are out there and what does the future hold for the industry? Phil Gee explains.

3. Geoff Moase - Dovetail Surfboards
Geoff Moase was a carpenter, timber supplier, and shaper for Dovetail wooden surfboards on the Gold Coast of Australia. Sadly Geoff passed away in September while surfing in Indonesia. We interviewed Geoff In January about how he used his love of carpentry and surfing to fuel a career in shaping.

 4.  8 TED Talks Surfers Must Watch
TED is a global set of conferences shaped around "Ideas Worth Spreading". We assembled 8 TED talks that surfers must watch. Delivered by surf industry figures, scientists and even a magician, we can all learn a lesson or two from these guys.

5. Work to Live, Live to Surf
You don't have to necessarily work in the surf industry in order to embrace a lifestyle based on a healthy balance between work and surf... Here we’ve put together a list of some possible surf-friendly careers. 

Richie Porta - ASP World Tour Head Judge
Richie Porta is the ASP World Tour Head Judge. Richie tells us all about how he came to be in one of professional surfings most important and sometimes controversial positions, and what the job entails on a day to day basis. 

7. Researchers Focused on Surfing Performance
Oliver Farley and Josh Secomb are PhD scholars undertaking research focused on enhancing and increasing the performance level of professional surfing at the Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre. 

8. Mark Chu - Action Sports Lifestyle Group
Mark Chu is the founder of Action Sports Lifestyle Group; a premium collective of surf publishers represented to non-endemic brand clients. He also does some work with a number of organisations such as Surfline, The Inertia & Christian Surfers.

9. Donald Brink - Shaper 
Donald Brink is a South African born hand shaper for Brink Surfboards. Donald talks to us about the benefits of asymmetric boards and offers advice to any budding shapers out there trying to find a niche.


10. Matt Warshaw - Encyclopedia of Surfing
Matt Warshaw is surfing. Literally, he penned the Encyclopedia of Surfing, is a former Pro, former editor at Surfer mag and the author of a number of surfing related books.

Some of our other notable articles for the year include interviews with the likes of Neal Purchase Jr, Derek Rielly, Michael Crawley, Heather Brown, Jay Alders.

Make sure to keep checking the blog during 2015 for more quality content aimed at giving an insight into key figures, roles, and trends within the surf industry and aiding your search for a surf career.

Posted by: Matthew Ryan, on January 4, 2015
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