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beit herut, israel, ISR
25,000 - 30,000 USD
Per Month

media or hospitalityLast Modified: November 19, 2017

Hi there. Im Ray. In the last decade i've been traveling and surfing around the world. Got experience in hospitality and in journalism and photography. im open mided, independent, self initiative, responsible and a fast learner. would like a full/part time or contract jobs.

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Tel Aviv, Israel, ISR
500 - 100,000 USD
Per Month

MarketingLast Modified: January 3, 2017

My experience until today has focused on marketing and community managing. I am also a licensed ISA surf instructor. My desire is to surf as much as possible and be able to work with surfing in any form whether that be as an instructor or in marketing for a surf related company.

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Michmoret, Israel, ISR
14,000 - 30,000 ILS
Per Annum

Sustainability directorLast Modified: July 13, 2016

Marine biologist specializing in Environmental conservation and Sustainability. Scientific R&D manager of env.-related studies - marine monitoring and microbiology of domestic scale biogas systems. Sustainability director at HomeBiogas to promote company's vision for renewable energy and waste mitigation at home. Currently specializing in env. consultancy in the field of waste treatment worldwide. Env. and social ctivist in "Megama Yeruka" - mainly gas explorations and marine related topic

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3 Resumes in Israel

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