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3 Resumes in Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico, PRI
600 - 1,000 USD
Per Week

Chef , Sous Chef , Line Cook , Caterings , ect.Last Modified: March 22, 2017

10 years of exeprience in the hotel and restaurant industry.Currently Working as Sous Chef in high end restaurant in Puerto Rico called Cocina Abierta.

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san juan, PR, PRI
28,000 - 50,000 USD
Per Fortnight

Sales Professional or ProductionLast Modified: November 20, 2014

My experience are mostly in sales and customer service. However, I am an avid surfer and professional. I also have experience in Hospotality and Food Products. I am open to new experience and adventures.

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Rincon, Bliss, PRI
15 - 30 USD
Per Hour

Surfing Instructor/ GuideLast Modified: January 22, 2014

Currently Surf instruct in Rincon Puerto Rico. Lifeguard/ surfed in OCean City MD for 2 yrs. Lifeguard/ surfed in Oceanside CA, 6 years. Snowboard Instructor in Mammoth Lakes CA, two years. Pass holder in Mammoth for 10 years. Surfed SLO CA for 3 years while attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. CPR certified and lifeguard certified. Surf Skate Snowboard, Swim for life.

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3 Resumes in Puerto Rico

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