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Summary of Experience

I have more than 20 years of experience. I am an expect in CNC technology surfboard machines, I currently work in Peru with a Precision Shapes V machine with the ability to design in 3SD. Looking to relocate to the States: preferably Ca or FL

Employment Preferences

35 To: 50 USD Per Hour
Punta Hermosa, Lima, Peru
Full Time

Surfing Experience

Longboard, Shortboard, Standup Paddle Board, Tow-in

Work History

Job Title Company When?
Designer Sahper Jeri Surfboards From March 2002 To Current
I started making balsa boards and surf boards. Learned in Rio de Janiero, Sold balsa boards through a distributor to Ron Jons, currently sell boards in Peru, Chile and Ecuador. Have been backshaper of Tim Bessell in Ca.


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
Shaper/designer CNC design surf technology Precision Shapes CNC From 2006 To 2014
Shaper new techniques & shaping style Tim Bessell From 2005 To 2006
Self made designer shaper Learn to use S-shaper profile Jeri Balsa Sac From 2000 To 2005
Self made designer -shaper learning to shape Italo Marcelo Surf Company From 1998 To 2000

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