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My Dad (now deceased) and I spent years studying Scripture and put together 3 hard bound books and had them published. So, I have experience doing research, and writing about it. I look at myself as being able to think and process information. So, with a little bit of opportunity I feel I can take needful actions to get from A to B if that's where the boss wants to go. I do have a little baggage in I keep the Seventh Day Holy and don't work therein. Be advised, that Commandment is in stone.

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50,000 To: 55,000 USD Per Annum
Cocoa Beach, Florida, United States
Full Time
United States

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Biblical Student author Father n Son Team From September 1980 To March 2016
Dad and I have worked as a team studying Scripture and related writings including the design of the Temple to be built. We have published 3 hard bound books on History and Prophecy and related matters.


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
Jack of all trades General and Biblical Studies Self taught with aid from Dad From 1980 To 2016

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