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3 Years Customer Service - Promoted as Team Leader - experience in the Health Care Industry, Clinical Care - One of the top hospitals in UAE, 2-3 Years Marketing Management experience in the field of Real Estate in the Philippines - Events and Marketing Strategy Planning, 2 - 3 Years experience in Technical Support and Sales/Promotions - Promoted as Team Leader - Call Centre Industry in the Philippines. Wide knowledge on Business and Finance, E-Commerce, International Marketing, Risk Management.

Employment Preferences

10 To: 12 USD Per Hour
Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Full Time
Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada

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Work History

Job Title Company When?
Guest Service Executive Burjeel Hospital LLC From August 2013 To Current
Entertain new and existing patients. Create new and update patient accounts. Knowledgeable in insurance policies covered and not covered, and transact by credit/debit or cash with the consultation/ procedures done by a patient. Handle patient complains.
Marketing Officer Camella Homes and Communities From July 2012 To March 2013
Process new customer accounts. Develop or Plan Marketing/Sales promotions to encourage prospects like discounts, events, parties and mall booths. Plan and do Sales talk with different prospects in selected locations. Bring profit to the company. Meet monthly quotas.
Marketing Executive Cebu Holdings Inc From April 2011 To June 2012
Assist in Shopping Mall Events such as Mall Concerts, Store Openings and Product Pictorials. Attend Seminars and Forums for the Marketing Department. Do Filing of all Audio/Written/Visual Recordings on all of the events. Go through planning and operations of new events and or on-going mall events.
Service Desk Analyst Accenture From June 2010 To February 2011
Assists North American Accenture Employees via call/email/chat with technical solutions for their database remedies; Database remedies include work passcodes/passwords, website functions, laptop/computer software and program malfunctions. Also provides initial diagnosis of issues and incidents, basic risk assessment and proper documentation for all issues, incidents and requests. Monitor issues until they are closed. Coordinate incident management with other teams. Execute test plans and scripts. Meet Client Service Level Agreement.
Technical Support Rep Convergys Corporation From November 2009 To May 2010
Helps or assists North American Comcast Customers via Call/Chat with their technical and account remedies for their Cable/Internet/Phone line. Provides troubleshooting, risk assessment and do proper documentation for all issues and requests. Assists new accounts and existing accounts for add-ons and installation/cancellation of customer lines/services, also promote new client products. Meet and maintain Client Service Level Agreement.
Technical Support Rep Teletech From April 2009 To September 2009
Helps or assists North American HP Customers via Call with the technical remedies such as program/software installation, product installation, connection of their HP Printer. Provides troubleshooting, risk assessment and do proper documentation for all issues and requests. Meet and maintain Client Service Level Agreement. Also do sales for new printers and other HP products.


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
Marketing Management Business Administration University of San Carlos From 2007 To 2011

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