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Currently I am in my fifth year of my studies: European Studies. I study at the Hague University in the Netherlands. Before I graduate I will have to do an internship. This year I wrote my thesis about the surfing lifestyle and O'Neill's worldwide marketing strategy. I am looking for an internship in the surf industry related to marketing.

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500 To: 1,000 EUR Per Month
Haarlem, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Full Time

Surfing Experience


Work History

Job Title Company When?
Voluntary Project Like U 2 From September 2015 To October 2015
The Eye Contact Experiment at the Pier in Scheveningen on 15 October

This special ‘Eye gazing’ event drew the attention of visitors who came from far and wide just to have this opportunity to experience something special. Calm piano music guided the guests towards the center stage. They sat down, facing each other, on pillows, folding chairs, picnic blankets or even their coats and backpacks or whatever else they could find. For a moment, a minute or more, they locked eyes with each other and experienced the grand existence of another human being.

An act of one hundred people taking a seat and watching each other in the eye is an extraordinary event to behold. Passersby looked upon it with surprise and curiosity. Some curious bystanders got so interested they even joined in the fray. At an event like this, every person is welcome; rich or poor, everyone is a person.

A small and passionate organisation of volunteers made this gathering of souls possible. Pianist Roger Spees offered his help to provide background music to the entire event. The owners at the Pier made room for the happening to occur. After some amazing eye contact moment, movement medicine started the after events. showed up to provide free hugs and to organise a small dance event afterwards. Gisen sang about love, change and joy! Filmmaker Vincent van der Horst filmed the entire event and has made a captivating impression of the atmosphere.

The Eye Contact Experiment was organised for one simple reason: to create the opportunity of a real human connection. Some tears flowed. Smiles exchanged. Connections made. Strangers share a moment, get to know each other and might even become friends; without exchanging a single word.

I was part of the team and organized the event and was the marketing leader. It was beyond wonderful to be part of this team and to organize this whole event.


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
Bachelor degree European Studies The Hague University From 2011 To 2016
MLOW winner Global Youth Forum Spoke in the UN Adelphi University From 2015 To 2015
Erasmus programme Business and management University of La Rioja From 2013 To 2014
Senior secondary general Culture and Society Coornhert Lyceum From 2006 To 2011

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