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My retail experience includes sales at Northside Records and in art stores, while also working at KFC.
I did work experience with a designer for Mossimo, who had also designed skateboards for PSC and is now designing for mens fashion in Target.
I have been a music and english tutor for 3 years now as well, so I have heaps of experience talking to kids and adults.

Employment Preferences

15 To: 30 AUD Per Hour
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Surfing Experience

Standup Paddle Board

Work History

Job Title Company When?
Front Customer Service KFC From July 2014 To Current
I have worked in food retail for a few years now, and have been training new staff members for about a year and a half. I have had customer surveys filled out saying I am a "confident and charismatic role model staff member who should be a role model to others in store."


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
Year 12 completion VCE Parkdale Secondary College From 2016 To 2016

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