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Worked for 20 years in a family business in the food ingredients and chemical products distribution market. Started in the logistics area, evolving to human resources, financial and sales area, and then going to management positions in different companies under the same corporate group. Worked the last 5 years as sales manager and CEO of the corporate group, restructuring the operation as a whole in face of the financial crisis that the group was experiencing.

Employment Preferences

30,000 To: 90,000 USD Per Annum
Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Full Time, Part Time, Casual, Contract, Commission
Admin & Office Support, Customer Service, Editorial, Education & Training, Environment & Conservation, Film/Video Production, Finance, Graduate/Entry Level, Hospitality & Tourism, Human Resources, Information Technology, Management, Manufacturing, Transport & Log, Marketing, Merchandising, Operations, Product Development, Production, Public Relations, Purchasing, Retail, Sales
Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Indonesia, Chile, Costa Rica, France, French Polynesia, Germany

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Work History

Job Title Company When?
CEO BRQUIM Group From November 2016 To October 2017
Responsible for the groups strategic and restructuring plan, defining goals to the different areas of the business, such as sales, financial, supply, marketing and many others. Leading managers of those different areas and making them work together and collaborate as a team.
Sales Manager BRQUIM Group From August 2012 To October 2016
Responsible for the sales strategic plan, leading a team of more than 10 salesman and representatives. Attending customers and working together with the logistics and technical areas of the business.


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
Bachelor's Degree Business Administration FADERGS From 2010 To 2015

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