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Summary of Experience

Direct and coordinated marketing activities and policies to promote products and services.
Review the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures and research and development appropriations.
Develop pricing strategies while balancing firm objectives with customer satisfaction maximization.
Edit, tone, caption and upload photographs for news publications.
Photograph high-quality images for both print and Internet distribution.

Employment Preferences

15,000 To: 30,000 USD Per Month
Toronto, ON, Canada
Full Time
Design, Film/Video Production, Human Resources
Australia, Indonesia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominican Republic, Fiji, French Polynesia, Greece, Puerto Rico

Surfing Experience

Standup Paddle Board

Work History

Job Title Company When?
Sales Representative Nine West From August 2017 To Current
• Greeted customers in a timely fashion, while quickly determining their needs.
• Responded to all customer inquiries thoroughly and professionally.
• Placed special merchandise orders for customers.
• Processed cash and credit payments rapidly and accurately.
• Answered customer questions about product availability and shipment times.
• Coordinated between billing department and customers to resolve problems.
• Entered data promptly and efficiently with a 100% accuracy rate.
• Recommended new products to customers, resulting in a 10% in add-on business.
Swim Instructor Jack of Sports From January 2018 To Current
• Promoted swim lessons for kids of age varying from 3-15 years old.
• Recruited an average of 60 new participants each season.
• Greeted all members in a professional and friendly manner.
• Explained class objectives and rules.
• Assessed individual progress and suggested appropriate changes.
• Taught a variety of group exercise classes, including fitness, endurance and stroke technique classes.
• Immediately reported any damaged or broken equipment.
• Consistently met daily class attendance goals.
• Cultivated positive relationships with participants as well as their parents by interacting with them during group swim lessons.
• Maintained high academic standards for all student athletes and enforced academic discipline.
• Developed guidelines for injury prevention.
• Accepted coaching, constructive criticism and recognition with humility and composure.


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
High School Diploma Commerce, Architecture, Psych Father John Redmond CSS From 2014 To 2018

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