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Experienced traveler throughout North America, Central America, Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, and more. I have lived overseas before for 5 years. I have excellent time management, organization, documentation experience. I have worked in roles as a leader and have managed people underneath me. Excellent in math and finances.

Employment Preferences

50,000 To: 60,000 USD Per Annum
Boynton Beach, FL, United States
Full Time
Accounting, Admin & Office Support, Customer Service, Design, Editorial, Education & Training, Engineering, Environment & Conservation, Film/Video Production, Finance, Graduate/Entry Level, Hospitality & Tourism, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Management, Manufacturing, Transport & Log, Marketing, Merchandising, Operations, Photography, Product Development, Production, Public Relations, Purchasing, Retail, Sales, Science & Technology, Volunteer
Australia, United States, Canada, Indonesia, Bahamas, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, South Africa

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Work History

Job Title Company When?
Graduate Teaching Assistant Florida Atlantic University From January 2016 To May 2018
Undergraduate Biology Lab Instructor for:

• Bioprinciples Lab, 100+ students: A comprehensive treatment of biological principles, including the scientific method, evolution and natural selection, cell biology, energy transformation, reproduction, development, genetics and molecular biology and an introduction to general laboratory procedures to demonstrate the basic principle of biology.
• Biodiversity Lab, 100+ students: An introduction and survey of organismal diversity, including fungi, protists, plants and animals. Phylogenetic relationships, evolutionary mechanisms, and ecological processes are emphasized. Investigating the origins of life and human evolution and a survey of the diversity of eukaryotic organisms.
• Lecture Support for Life Science Class, 300+ students: Evolution, anatomy, physiology, genetics, reproduction, and ecology are the main focus. Demonstrate how biological knowledge is relevant to social, economic and environmental problems.
Graduate Researcher Florida Atlantic University From January 2016 To August 2017
Graduate Researcher for the Dawson-Scully Research Group
• Using the Resveratrol SAR compounds I synthesized with the Lepore Group, I worked to develop a specialized anoxia assay to test for neuroprotection and performed extensive tests of the synthesized compounds by investigating survival rates of chronic pretreated flies.
• With group member and PhD candidate W. Bollinger, the compounds were tested with an innovative electrophysiology assay measuring the time to synaptic failure in drosophila melanogaster neuromuscular junction.
Graduate Researcher Florida Atlantic University From August 2014 To August 2017
Graduate Researcher for the Lepore Research Group

• Working first as an undergraduate researcher, then hired by the university as a lab technician, then enrolled as a graduate research associate. Working on the development of a new Halo Aldol reaction with the use of allenes to produce alpha vinyl esters containing high diastereoselectivity.
• Synthesized Vitisinol D and resveratrol derivatives for a structure activity relationship study in collaboration with the Dawson-Scully lab for the biological testing of compounds to determine neuroprotection.
• Worked on the creation of a reliable and diversifiable route to the total synthesis of rigid bicyclo compounds.
Tutor (Math/Science), Ivy League College Organizers From August 2014 To January 2016
• Tutored high school students in their studies, particularly math and science. Providing assistance and guidance in students’ college applications and SAT/ACT studies. Administrative assistant responsibilities include maintaining records, billing, spreadsheets etc.


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
Master's of Science Biology Florida Atlantic University From 2016 To 2018
Bachelor's of Science Biology Florida Atlantic University From 2012 To 2014

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