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I have a wide range, from marine biology to hospitality and youth work.
I have centred my experiences around the ocean since learning to bodyboard at an early age, and now surfing.
I feel my best skills are in interacting with customers. I have always been a friendly and welcoming person who works well in a team.
My knowledge of surfing/oceanography gives me a large understanding of surf forecasting, which I have found to be of most use and of interest to people willing to learn.

Employment Preferences

6 To: 20 GBP Per Hour
Londonderry, Londonderry, Ireland
Hospitality & Tourism
New Zealand

Surfing Experience


Work History

Job Title Company When?
Asistant Scientific Officer Loughs Agency From June 2013 To Current
I am currently assisting the marine biologist and the skipper of the boat MNV Oystrea.
My work en-tales species identification, habitat protection, organisation of survey work in the lough and deck hand work, such as maintenance and cleaning. I also have helped in marine tourism, promoting the use of the lough for activities such as kayaking. Project reports and write ups have all been necessary, but most of all, being a responsible employee who can be relied upon, has been of most help in this job.

Mapping/ Charting Officer Land and Property Service From July 2012 To June 2013
This was a GIS (geographical information systems) post which required me to work in a team to map the entire farmland of the country. However, I feel the best experience was working with the local farmers, as I was chosen to help hold interviews with them, answering queries or mistakes in the maps. My friendly and understanding nature was of great help, and I enjoyed the challenge of solving their problems.
Customer Service The Bagel Bar From April 2008 To July 2012
My responsibilities included customer service, sales, barista, till operator, bagel artist and stock checking/cleaning, opening/closing the shop.
I started working the tills and was quickly found to be of most help interacting with the customers and offering the best in hospitality.
I soon progressed to become a team leader, and trained many new employees which I thoroughly enjoyed. I worked very well in the small team, making the work environment as fun and productive as possible.


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
Marine Science BSc Physical Science University of Ulster From 2008 To 2011
A-Level, C grade Geography Foyle College From 2001 To 2008
A-level, B grade Religious studies Foyle College From 2001 To 2008
A-level , C grade Geology Foyle College From 2001 To 2008

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