In 1969, two Torquay locals, Alan Green and John Law, turned to making boardshorts in their home garage based on what they saw as a market opportunity. Authenticity, innovation, pride, confidence and a belief in limitless potential have been the foundations in Quiksilver becoming the largest and most prestigious clothing and apparel company in the action outdoor sports industry.

These values are reflected in our employee attitudes, our products, our stores, the athletes we sponsor, the world-class events we promote and in our worldwide advertising. To become market leader takes hard work – to stay there, even harder work. Our expectations of our employees are naturally high, and in turn our employees can expect support and empowerment to be the very best they can be.

If you want to share this exciting journey with us then we want to hear from you!

27 Baines Crescent
Torquay, Victora, 3228