Waterman League

The APP World Tour is the Official Professional World Championship Tour for the Sport of Paddlesurfing (also known as SUP / Stand Up Paddling / Paddleboarding), officially sanctioned by the IOC recognized Federation for Surfing Sports, the ISA (International Surfing Association)

Built off the original core values of the Waterman League, the APP World Tour continues to perpetuate its principles:

- Tradition
- Innovation
- Passion
- Respect
- Versatility

We are committed to ensuring an entirely positive impact through our sports activities across the globe: from the creation of opportunities for upcoming athletes through this unique professional platform, the nurturing of youth development through youth programs and clinics, to initiatives that can make a real difference to our precious environment, the Ocean. Outside of the tangible efforts on site across our global events, through our globally distributed programming, we are committed to delivering responsible and positive messaging for future generations to follow, providing inspiration and showing by example.

Urbanização Belo Horizonte, L2
Ericeira, Mafra, 2655-241