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Bournemouth, Dorset, GBR
20,000 - 25,000 GBP
Per Annum

Logistics/Good's IN and Out SupervisorLast Modified: January 22, 2014

Extensive history of Logistics, staff management, contract management, Whilst never having been directly employed in the surfing industry I have been in and around it more than anything else since I was 15 years old. I have knowledge of it ins and out and it's operations. I am here to try to find my way into the industry, and hope that my skills and work experience may interest someone, and may be transferable to the industry.

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Melbourne, Victoria, AUS
30,000 - 60,000 AUD
Per Fortnight

Planning and EventsLast Modified: January 22, 2014

Currently I am working as a Resource Planner for a Power Company where I’m responsible for liaising with contractors and all external stakeholders to Project Manage and Plan work crew’s day to day tasks. I have 6 years’ experience as a Planner in the energy industry. I started work within the Energy Industry as a support officer. Throughout all my employment I have used my strong computer skills to complete various administrative duties which included the use of Microsoft Office suite along

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Kriens, LU, CHE
10 - 100,000 EUR
Per Annum

Surf...Last Modified: January 22, 2014

I grew up in Kona Hawaii, I have always surfed. Now I live in Switzerland & my favorite place to surf besides back home is Portugal the waves and people are so amazing! I have also surfed in France and Italy. For me it's amazing and refreshing to see surf culture and the similarities that exist in every land, even river surfing in Swiss. My Swiss Job is Snowboard Instructor,certified+CPR.I can cook, build & repair, clean, I speak German,English+little Spanish. I have water rescue's Aloha

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saint Petersburg, florida, USA
1 - 1,000 USD
Per Week

any pleaseLast Modified: January 22, 2014

I've been surfing since I was a little kid everything about the sport intrigues me I love it all I know that I would have a place with you guys please consider me. Thank you

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Newport, NSW, AUS
10,000 - 20,000 AUD
Per Annum

Anything within the surfboard industry Last Modified: January 22, 2014

I started shaping/ glassing boards out of my mums garage in early 2011. Since then I have become infatuated with all aspects of surfboard design, from glassing, fin making to shaping. To date I have made close to 40 boards. Im self taught and am willing to work for free in exchange for a greater understanding of the surfboard building process. I have a small blog with my progress and you can find it on I like strange things and have a tendacy for longer shapes.

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Murrieta, Ca, USA
65,000 - 100,000 USD
Per Hour

CEO SURFERLast Modified: January 22, 2014

Talented and accomplished technical professional with background in R&D operations, thermal and peizo Ink Jet technology, print/photo coatings, optical coatings, contact and ophthalmic lenses, graphic design & printing, computer hardware/software. Experienced in engineering test practices, concepts and procedures, able to execute and coordinate processes and projects to completion, high level of creative, technical latitude. Inventor US Patent No.7,267,846. Founder/Designer/Coder:

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Adelaide, South Australia, AUS
40,000 - 250,000 AUD
Per Week

Professional writing, communications, marketing, eventsLast Modified: January 17, 2014

I grew up surfing the coast between Ballina and Brunswick Heads in NSW, and shape boards in my shed in my shed at night.After 12 years as a chef I embarked on a new career path that has seen me steadily building experience and expertise over the past seven years in a variety of areas; mainly professional writing, event management and stakeholder engagement. I am looking for a career opportunity that will satisfy my salt water addiction and also allow me to spend more time with my young family.

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Jacksonville beach , Florida, USA
500 - 1,000 USD
Per Week

Worker BeeLast Modified: January 7, 2014

Strong customer service, marketing, and salesmanship skills. Hard work, team work, dependability, loyalty, and reliability are only a few things in my repertoire of character.

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Washington, DC, DC, USA
42,000 - 50,000 USD
Per Annum

ManagerLast Modified: May 22, 2013

Warehouse Management. Process and flow optimization. Cost reduction. Efficiency increase. Planning. Contract mediation.

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Entroncamento, Santarém, PRT
1,000 - 10 EUR
Per Month

Quality Management/SecurityLast Modified: May 22, 2013

600 hours training in the workplace, unpaid Average Tejo hospital at center, EPE, supply - Hospital de Torres Novas

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Pages: ‹ First  < 8 9 10 11 >  101 Resumes Found in Manufacturing, Transport & Log

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