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I´m 22 years old and I´ve been surfing since I was 14. Since I live in Madrid and study a lot for college ,I only have the chance to surf 3-4 weeks every year. I´m currently in my 4th year of college , studying industrial engineering and my dream would be to get a job in which I could participate in the developement of new surf products applying the knowledge I have acquired during these years. I also have social skills enough to take part in stuff that has to do with public relations .

Employment Preferences

600 To: 1,500 EUR Per Month
Madrid, Spain, Spain
Part Time
Product Development

Surfing Experience


Work History

Job Title Company When?
Private Teacher - From July 2012 To August 2012
I teached Math ,Physics ,Chemistry and Technical Drawing during a month to a 17-year old for his final exams in high school.


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
Industrial Engineering Engineering Polytechnic University Madrid From 2009 To 2013

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