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I am an admitted Solicitor of The Supreme Court of NSW. I have excellent verbal and written communication skills which have been developed and enhanced through various legal internships and tertiary studies. I have gained experience providing legal advice to clients and third parties, analysing legislation, making policy recommendations, and working for community legal organisations. In my approach to work, I take great pride in my personal qualities of honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

Employment Preferences

40,000 To: 100,000 AUD Per Annum
Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Full Time
Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, France, Japan, Portugal, Spain

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Work History

Job Title Company When?
Session Co-ordinator Uni of Newcastle Legal Centre From March 2013 To November 2013
I gained experience providing a service to clients by volunteering to co-ordinate legal advice sessions for the University of Newcastle Legal Centre. The Legal Centre prides itself on its ability to offer high quality legal services to marginalised and disadvantaged members of society.

I was responsible for identifying the clients' legal needs, assigning students for interviewing, and ensuring that the volunteer solicitors met with clients who matched their area of expertise. Due to the high turnover of clients, I was also required to participate in interviewing. This gave me valuable experience handling multiple responsibilities while still providing an overall high quality and professional service.

I view my role as session co-ordinator as a reflection of my own personal integrity and professional work ethic.
Legal Clerk Vaarzon-Morel Solicitors From March 2013 To August 2013
This internship gave me first-hand insight into the operation of a commercial law firm. I confidently worked on all matters independently and consequently, improved my communication and task management skills. I was frequently in contact with clients and opposing solicitors, which has positively influenced my professional growth. I worked with clients from different language backgrounds, which required me to overcome communication issues. Relevant duties included;

- Providing advice and briefs to my supervisor

- Researching legislation

- Writing correspondence

- Drafting court and other legally binding documents, such as contracts, wills, and powers of attorney

- Observing courtroom procedures
Law Clerk Uni of Newcastle Legal Centre From January 2012 To November 2012
As an integral member of a team, I had responsibility for client files and matters. My work was essential for progressing client matters and bringing about a resolution to their legal issues. Many clients came from different cultural backgrounds, and so sensitivity to their different needs was always at the forefront of my interactions. Duties included;
- Interviewing clients
- Writing detailed correspondence to clients and
other third parties

- Drafting court documents, such as affidavits and statements of claim
- Researching policy and legislation
- Liaising with supervising solicitors


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
Bachelor of Laws/Dip Legl Prac Law University of Newcastle From 2011 To 2013
Bachelor of Arts Politics & Policy University of Newcastle From 2007 To 2009

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