Anthony Marcotti - Kandui Resort

When and where did you first learn to surf?
I grew up in Huntington Beach, California and started surfing when I was ten years old. My friends and I grew up surfing Tower 33 at Bolsa Chica State Beach before progressing south towards Huntington Cliffs and Pier as we get older and had better access to transportation.

What do you love about surfing?
Surfing is a never ending challenge and adventure. When I first started surfing the attraction was all about getting better and figuring out how to do the best moves possible. As I've become older that has evolved into the desire to surf better waves, travel, and enjoy the time I have in the water with friends. There aren't too many activities that spark a passion and lifestyle like the seemingly simple act of riding waves.

Who inspires you?
I'm inspired by people who are driven to be the best they can be and take the risks necessary to make their dreams a reality. I am also impressed with people who are outgoing and friendly and wake up everyday ready to conquer the world, but in a positive, nice way.

Your favorite surfspot?
I've been very fortunate to be able to travel the world and surf a lot of incredible spots on their absolute best days.  Overall, I don¹t think there is any wave that even comes close to Rifles, straight out in front of Kandui Resort in the Mentawai Islands. One good wave there after you've traveled 500 yards and 30+ seconds in the best barrel imaginable... it tweaks your brian chemistry and changes your outlook on life. That is a special place and when it's pumping and you are at the top of the reef and it's your turn next, you can almost feel the collective envy of every surfer wishing they were you. That wave is phenomenal.

What sort of education have you had?
I graduated from the University of California at Irvine with an undergrad degree in Social Sciences. I then went on to get my teaching credential at National University and taught 5th Grade for 7 years before transitioning into surf travel.

What is your current job and what does it entail?
A friend of mine dubbed me the "wave merchant". My current job encompasses sending people all over the world on surf trips with my primary focus on the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia. A few friends and I created and built Kandui Resort and I'm proud to say that in a few short years it's become one of the most respected and popular surf destinations in the entire world. My partner in Kandui, Ray Wilcoxen, is an amazing person and takes care of all our guests better than anyone else. He is the driving force behind keeping everyone happy on the island while I am the driving force behind getting people out to the island via marketing.

I also operate Antidote Travel which specializes in other surf trips around the world and I am also on a new development project in Fiji with some friends called Vunabaka.

What do you like most about your job?
The thing I like most about my job is that people love talking to me about their surf trips and day in and day out I get to send people on the best surf trips of their lives. It's very gratifying to be a part of someone's best wave, best trip, or the best experience they've ever had. That is a unique gift and nothing is more exciting than hearing the enthusiasm and stoke in people's voices when they are describing how amped they are to go on the trip or how good the waves were on their trip and they can't wait to go back.

This job also allows me to have the flexibility to travel and surf as much as I want, I don't think you can be a credible "wave merchant" unless you have surfed all over the world yourself, experienced all of the destinations you promote, and know them inside and out.

Where can we find you online?

Twitter @therealkandui






Posted by: Troy Roennfeldt, on March 5, 2013
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