ecoFin – Sustainable Performance Surfboard Fins

The eocFin is the first sustainable surfboard fin - turning ocean waste into performance surf gear. By using recycled plastic from Bali and reinforcing it with fibre glass they meet the standards of modern surfing. The two passionate founders, Felix Wunner and Luise Grossmann tell SurfCareers their story and how they are trying to make a difference!


What is ecoFin’s background? How did you come up with the idea?

It all started with the urge to do something productive against ocean pollution, especially after what we have experienced during travels through Indonesia. Kind of the stab in heart for each paddle stroke you had some waste tangled in your hands.


What/who inspired you to start this project?

The travels and the little silver lining on the horizon: Almost everywhere you go, you can see the consequences of pollution, and researching more about it makes it even worse. Check our blog for lots of information on the topic. But with more knowledge and understanding things can change.

The fact that no matter where the project will end up, at least we tried. And who are we not to try. Suddenly, we were in midst of the first preparations and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.


Why a fin from ocean waste?

We definitely see that the connection of surfers with the ocean is something special, as we feel it everyday ourselves. And we are convinced that we as surfers can act as role models for the rest of the world. From a technical perspective, we already have a plethora of ideas in our pipeline to expand the range of surf products made from recycled materials in the future!


How do you source the waste and produce the fins?

The trash comes from Bali’s beaches and around Indonesia. It undergoes the whole recycling process and then comes to us in form of pellets which we transform in a high end moulding process into the fins in cooperation with experienced manufacturers in Australia.


How is ecoFin’s performance and design?

Our mission is to reach out to most people possible, because only then, we will be able to trigger a change. Therefore, we focused on designing a template for intermediate to advanced surfers, as they present the lion’s share. Based on our reinforced material, the ecoFin offers ideal stiffness for small to overhead waves suitable for many board types. A solid base flex allows controlled drive and the tip is more responsive. Last but not least, Polypropylene is a very light material!

The white 5 on the fin’s side is a straight forward symbol for our Five Oceans and shall achieve a high recognition factor. Surfers will identify with using recycled products!


Tell us more about your documentary and your collaboration with surfing legend Rusty Miller

Rusty is kind of our mentor. We initially asked him to be the narrator of the documentary, but soon, especially through his curiosity and commitment, we became a real crew and constantly hatch new ideas. It is so inspiring to work with someone like him and be able to benefit from his vast knowledge. Also his wife Tricia is such a great contributor and supporter of the project. We are very grateful for that.


Where can surfers order ecoFins?

After the successful Kickstarter campaign we opened our pop-up online store, as many people asked us if they still can pre-order the fins or other rewards. Delivery is in April 2016.


Where can we find you online? 

Twitter: twitter/joinFiveOceans
Instagram: @joinfiveoceans


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Posted by: Christina Niemi, on November 12, 2015
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