Narani Henson -

When and where did you start surfing?
I started surfing in NZ when I was about 16, grovelling around the shore breaks with my girlfriends on some of the iconic surf beaches of the west coast.

What do you love most about the surfing and the ocean? 
I love everything about the ocean! its just a shame that its seen as a commodity and not an asset.  I love everything about surfing and in danger of sounding like a catchy slogan 'you can't beat the feeling'. 

Do you have one wave or one session that stands out above the others?
Sure, I have my own pandoras box of waves that have burnt themselves a place in my memory. Im lucky to have a collection of some of the best point breaks on the east coast of Australia at my back door but like most surfers Indonesia is a special place. 

What inspired you to get into art?
I have always been a creative person so I think it more of a natural progression from me. 

What kind of education have you had?
Apart from high school, I completed a diploma of Fine Arts in Sydney TAFE and a degree in Fine Arts from Curtin University in WA.

What was your first job?
I went into the retail work force young starting at Just Jeans and got approached by a big surf shop, working my way into a position in a international surf company that had the distribution rights into New Zealand.

Tell us a little bit about SurfSister and what is your role?
SurfSister is a website that I founded with my Husband.  I do everything from sales, production, customer service, interviews, reviews, copywriting, web and social media, promotion, photography, adobe creative, etc.

How has the female surfing community responded to SurfSister?
I receive correspondence form surfers girls daily that enjoy reading the pages of the SurfSister website. We have been going for two years now but still grass roots with people organically finding the site. With not having big corporate money backing SurfSister I think those that know of SurfSister love it and support it. Those that discover SurfSister for the first time are stoked to see a women's core surf site.

What do you love about your job?
I enjoy the flexibility of my Art and SurfSister, with being a mother it's great not having the restraints of 9-5.

What is next for SurfSister and female surfing as a whole? 
Something exciting is happening within women's surfing, the ASP is now owned by ZoSea Media Holdings, Inc. which opens up the future of the world tour to new advertising money and endorsements for the ladies… So hopefully we will see more women's events in the future and greater numbers of ladies competing on the world tour. With SurfSister we will continue to focus on all things women's surf. 

Where can we find you online?


Posted by: Matthew Ryan, on October 9, 2013
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