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I’ve been surfing of and in through summers my entire life but for the last few years I have put in more time and commitment. I do have a good knowledge on board shapes and fin setups. Not the most experience but I have the dedication to learn more and more. This is a career I am truely passionate about and want to spend my life achieving.

Employment Preferences

400 To: 800 AUD Per Week
Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Full Time
Film/Video Production, Merchandising, Photography, Production, Retail
United States, New Zealand

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Work History

Job Title Company When?
Carpentry Carlyon carpentry From January 2014 To February 2018
I have been working in construction for 4 years and have great knowledge and use of hand and power tools. I have experience planning and organising jobs and using tactics to reach a deadline.


Qualification Field of Study Institution When?
3rd year carpentry Carpentry Building industry training From 2015 To 2018

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