It all started back in the eighties, when two brothers decided to put their artistic talents to work. Making a printing screen from scraps begged, borrowed and salvaged they developed a highly advanced blackout system using tape, nails and a Salvation Army rug. They started printing original, surf inspired designs on tshirts and selling them from the back of their Austin Allegro and named their new brand Saltrock, after their favourite surf break back home in South Africa. 

Today the Saltrock family is stronger than ever, sharing the surfing ideal with the people from the surfing community and those outside with the same values and attitudes.

Still run by the original team, we design for the lifestyle we love - fun, creativity and laughter is the lifeblood of Saltrock. We love where the British coastline and all it has to offer, were passionate about having the freedom to express ourselves and we surf till the sun goes down (when we get the chance!). 

Saltrock House
Braunton, North Devon, EX33 2DX
United Kingdom

+44(0)1271 815 306