Established in 1993, Zak shaped his first surfboard at 13 in a lean-to down the side of his parent’s house in Viewbank, and offered surfboard repairs to mates and local surf shops during his teenage years. He opened his first store in Thornbury in 1999 and packed 86 surfboards, a wall of accessories, a bunch of skateboards and wetsuits into a 6×3 metre shop in which customers had to walk around single-file to view his range. Zak Surfboards is now located at 307 Victoria Rd Thornbury, on the corner of Raleigh St.

Zak moved away from shaping to run the shop and sought out local shapers to produce the Zak range. Today the surfboards are manufactured on the west surf coast of Victoria, Australia.

Our shaper Kenny Reimers has over 30 years experience. Kenny has shaped boards for Nev Hyman, Trigger Brothers, Blue Hawaii, Local Knowledge, DHD and Murray Burton.

307 Victoria Rd
Thornbury, Victoria, 3071

03 94167384