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Mandurah , Western Australia , AUS
25,000 - 1,000,000 AUD
Per Fortnight

Anything Last Modified: March 8, 2017

I am A plumber, scaffolder and rigger with surfing almost my whole life and am willing to go anywhere and do anything.

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Brest, France, NZL
2,100 - 3,000 NZD
Per Month

Surf instructorsLast Modified: January 19, 2017

Volunteer surf instructors during 2 years un France Surf instructors in new zealand during 3 months Surf instructor in France since 2013

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Corindi Beach, New South Wales, AUS
50,000 - 100,000 AUD
Per Annum

Anything Available Last Modified: January 15, 2017

Surf Life Guard (5 years) Surf Instructor (3 years)

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Waverly, Virginia, USA
300 - 500 USD
Per Week

Instructor/ shaper / tour guideLast Modified: January 4, 2017

I work in building supply but was a bering sea fisherman for a little while. Have experience in vessel repairs and nautical engineering as well as 19 years of surf experience and have ridden several of alaskas untouched spots

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Long Beach, California, USA
12 - 20 USD
Per Hour

Communications/ Marketing and AccountsLast Modified: January 4, 2017

Over 7+ years working in various sectors of the surf industry. From work in surfing related journalism, communications, and sales, to hobbies including shaping/glassing boards and traveling, I am highly passionate about the surf industry. I am also deeply invested in the past, present, and future of surfing by constantly reading and viewing as much surf related information as possible. Many connections within the shaping and glassing community within SoCal, and beyond.

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Boca Raton, Florida, USA
15 - 18 USD
Per Hour

Emergency Medical Technician - LifeguardLast Modified: December 7, 2016

Hey, my names Justin Parker, I'm a 4yr active ocean rescue EMT with 6yrs total lifeguarding experience from NC to FL. I have volunteered in Emergency rooms and have made over 50+ saves from human to sea turtle , looking to find an awesome job in the surfing industry. I have over 10yrs surfing experience and have claimed large barrels all over Central America from El Salvador to southern Costa Rica. Very in tune with the latest surf gear and technology. Also PWC certified for jet-ski saves.

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Ocala, Fl, USA
10 - 35 USD
Per Hour

Surfing Instructor/ WatermanLast Modified: November 28, 2016

1st experience - "He Knew how to swim before He knew how to walk." AKA:Mom 2nd-started surfing @age 11 all over Florida. 3rd- US NAVy Helicopter Search and Rescue Swimmer-Honorable Discharge 4th-Lead Instructor Mentor for Upcoming ESA champions on Costa Rica Trip and other adventu(J.Venn, B. Adams, J. Gordon) 5th- hired on as Lead surf instructor/ volunteering teaching Summer Surf Camps Jax Beach. fore teaching and instructing the passion and love for Surfing and Our oceans globally

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placentia, CALIFORNIA, USA
30,000 - 75,000 USD
Per Annum

Data Analyst/Marketing/Entry LevelLast Modified: October 27, 2016

In my last semester at CSUF as an economics major and a minor in business. I have surfed for over eight years and am extremely passionate about the sport and lifestyle. I have worked at a restaurant, Yard House, as a server for a year and a half. Looking to change industries into something I take pride in. My experience in school and work has given me a wide variety of skills including: Proficiency in Xcel and Word Ability to sale and present products Analyze data to max profit

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Groton, CT, USA
0 - 70,000 USD
Per Annum

ANY Last Modified: October 21, 2016

I have had experience in the travel industry working in a small airport in Groton. I have been a phlebotomist for thirteen years. I LOVE and live on the ocean and have quite a story about my salty life and would love to share it. The bottom line is that I am willing to do anything at an entry level to be able to work in an industry that I am truly passionate about and know that given the chance it would fulfill my life long goal to do something I truly love. Which is surfing and beaches

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Edinburgh, Scotland, GBR
12,500 - 4,100 GBP
Per Annum

Manager/Assistant Manager/Administration/RetailLast Modified: October 16, 2016

I have worked within the world of management for a combined total of 3 years. First within the hospitality sector in a busy local restaurant, this taught me the basis of management in relation to suppliers, customers and staff. I am currently working within a surf company as the Administration and Marketing manager. This has allowed me to put the skills learnt at university into practice. My contact ends Sept 30th and I am now looking to further my management career.

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